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Campbell Environmental Group personnel have managed numerous sites to regulatory closure in the states of Maine and New Hampshire. Our site closure experience demonstrates our knowledge of applicable state regulations, guidance manuals, and closure procedures.  The following is a description of some of the standard regulatory closure programs.

Voluntary Response Action Program (VRAP)
The Voluntary Response Action Program is designed to promote investigation, remediation, and redevelopment of properties by offering liability assurances or protections from state enforcement actions.  CEG is able to provide assistance in the VRAP application process, assist in writing the VRAP Action Plan, and perform remedial services.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection Chapter 600
CEG personnel have prepared facility closure reports as required by the Maine DEP in accordance to the Chapter 600 Marine Oil Terminal Rules.  Services provided to marine oil terminals include supervision of storage tank removal, cleaning of aboveground storage tanks and associated piping, underground piping surveys, subsurface explorations to delineate subsurface contamination, and remedial services. 

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
CEG has experience in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act closure process at sites that handle and store hazardous waste materials.  CEG personnel have the experience and knowledge in all phases of RCRA site closure, including facility assessment, facility investigation, and corrective measures.

Petroleum Sites
CEG has assisted in the regulatory closure of over 165 petroleum sites in Maine in fulfillment of state AST regulations and Chapter 691 requirements.  CEG personnel have been responsible for completing the final petroleum site closure documents, conducting subsurface investigations, and performing remedial services required to reach regulatory closure resulting in no further action by the Maine DEP. 

Site Closure Project Examples: Marine Oil Terminal, Textile Mill, Petroleum Sites

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