Liquid phase petroleum recovery system

Campbell Environmental Group personnel have been responsible for the design, construction, operation, or maintenance of 36 soil vapor extraction systems, 20 groundwater treatment systems, 35 liquid -phase recovery systems, nine air sparge systems, six bioremediation systems, 36 soil excavation and removal projects, two oxidation systems, and one in-situ metal reductant system. 

CEG researches new technologies and has the engineering and technical capabilities to design and implement innovative remedial alternatives.  To ensure a higher probability of success, it is CEG's practice to pilot test a remedial technique prior to installing the selected remedial system.  The success or failure of the pilot test is integral in establishing the likelihood of success for a remedial alternative and also minimizes the potential cleanup costs. 

CEG staff have managed the only two known Maine sites that have been remediated to Maine stringent groundwater quality standards using primarily in-situ methods.  Each of the two sites threatened the water quality of a public water source and were ranked by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection on their top 10 Priority List.

CEG personnel have experience with several methods of remediation for several media, including soil, groundwater, surface water, and air.  CEG has experience with:

  • Excavation of contaminated soils, sediments and sludges
  • Waste minimization and source reduction
  • Biodegradation of certain organic materials
  • Neutralization of acids and bases
  • Physical and chemical treatment of wastes
  • Solidification and encapsulation

Remediation Services Project Examples: Gasoline Service StationsManufactured Gas Plant

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