PHASE I ESA - Private School

Campbell Environmental Group performed a Phase I ESA for a private school in southern Maine at a property they were interested in purchasing for the purpose of relocating and expanding their facility.  CEG was aware of additional requirements for schools that were added to the Phase I ESA tasks.

While conducting the Phase I ESA, potentially hazardous material was discovered along with mounded areas where dumping had occurred. 

Partially buried truck located on property.

Since a private, onsite water supply well was to supply drinking water for the school, the potential environmental impacts were significant enough to warrant further investigation. Therefore, a Phase II ESA was recommended.  The school decided to seek alternate properties rather than risking exposure to its students or potentially incurring significant remediation costs.

Map of area (right) prepared by Environmental Data Resources, Inc. This map has been reformatted to meet the size requirements of this page.  A detailed map is available here.

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