PHASE II ESAs - Private Bottling Facility

Campbell Environmental Group completed a limited Phase II ESA at a private bottling facility in southern Maine. Following the removal of two underground storage tanks, the property owners were interested in having a subsurface investigation conducted to assess the extent of petroleum impacted soil and or groundwater at the facility.  The project involved the installation of nine monitoring wells using direct push methods.  CEG personnel maintained detailed boring logs and collected soil samples at four-foot intervals for each point.

Samples were analyzed for volatile organic compounds using a photoionization detector.  Multiple soil samples were prepared for laboratory analysis of diesel range organics, by Maine DEP Method 4.1.25. and gasoline range organics, by Maine DEP Method 4.2.17.  Four monitoring wells were developed and groundwater samples were collected according to Maine DEP protocol.  A report documenting the investigation results was completed, which documented low concentration of contaminants of concern dissolved in the groundwater.

Test pitting near underground storage tank

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