A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II ESA) is an investigation of soil, groundwater, surface water, sediments, and occasionally bedrock or indoor air.  The purpose of a Phase II ESA is to evaluate potential source areas of contamination, determine the extent of potential contaminant migration from the source areas, and determine if sensitive receptors are impacted.

Campbell Environmental Group staff have performed over 150 Phase II ESAs for private companies and state and federal agencies.  We have investigated a wide variety of sites where many types of industries have operated. 

A Phase II ESA completed by CEG may include one or more of the following techniques: 


  • Angled drilling under established structures;
  • Soil boring installation and sample collection using hollow stem auger, geoprobe, mud rotary, and air rotary drilling techniques;
  • Test pitting using an excavator;
  • Soil vapor survey; and
  • Ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic surveys.

Soil sample collection utilizing a hollow stem auger rig


  • Groundwater sample collection from monitoring wells using low flow and standard purge volume sampling techniques;
  • Groundwater sample collection using a hydropunch;
  • Packer testing at discrete intervals and geophysical techniques to evaluate groundwater migration pathways in bedrock;
  • Surface water sampling using passive vapor diffusion samplers; and
  • Pore water sampling within sediments using Push Point samplers. 

The technique selected for each investigation varies according to the site geology, location of potential contaminants, and the media potentially impacted.  Once the investigative techniques are selected, samples are collected from the media and analyzed for particular constituents of concern.  Geologists are then tasked to interpret the sample data and create a conceptual model and assess actual or potential impacts to receptors. 

Phase II Project Examples: Blueberry Processing Plant, Private Bottling Facility

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