Campbell Environmental Group has assisted numerous private companies in maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. CEG provides inspection auditing and consulting services and also prepares plans and permits. CEG emphasizes best management practices that allow our customers to remain in compliance with the most current regulations.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
SPCC plans address the storage and management of petroleum products.  The plans are designed to fulfill the requirements of 40 CFR 112, Environmental Protection Agency Oil Pollution Prevention Regulations. The plans describe practices, procedures, structures, and equipment at a facility to prevent spills and to mitigate or preclude any adverse impact on the environment.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) 
SWPPPs are information and implementation documents designed to ensure that the requirements of the Multi-Sector General Permit for Storm Water are addressed.

SWPPPs describe existing operations and conditions related to storm water management.  In addition, the SWPPP includes a list of Best Management Practices to be employed at a facility.

Hazardous Waste Closures
Chapter 851 11A requires that a generator, who no longer generates waste at a site, shall remove all hazardous waste and hazardous waste residues. The regulations require that the generator  provide certification by an independent State of Maine registered professional engineer that closure was completed.

Hazardous Waste Inspections
Using comprehensive checklists, CEG performs inspections to assist clients in ensuring that the hazardous waste regulations are being followed and to suggest alternatives to better manage wastes and processes.

Hazardous Waste Tank Review and Certification
US EPA regulations applicable to the design and installation of "new" hazardous waste storage tank systems are provided in 40 CFR 264.192, 264.193, and 270.11(d). Section 264.192 applies to the tank systems, Section 264.193 applies to secondary containment systems, and Section 270.11(d) is a certification statement for the report. The intent of the review is to address the certification requirements identified in all of these regulations.

Maine regulations (Chapter 854 DEP Regs. 12) incorporate the Federal rules identified above by reference, and also impose additional requirements.

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