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BROWNFIELDS - Eastern Fine Paper

Location: Brewer, Maine

Historical/Current Use: Former paper mill.  Successfully re-developed as XXX.

Contaminants of Concern: Inorganics, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum compounds, polychlorinated bi-phenyls, and solvent compounds

Summary of Impact/Sensitive Receptors: No adverse impact to private homeowner wells and the public water aquifer, direct human contact, and the Penobscot River

The former Eastern Fine Paper facility had been utilized for industrial operations since 1771 and for paper manufacturing since 1889.  The property consists of approximately 39 acres situated along the bank of the Penobscot River and is located on a mapped sand and gravel aquifer which discharges to the river. Campbell Environmental Group was contracted through the Maine Department of Environmental Protection's Brownfields Contract to conduct Phase I and Phase II ESAs at the site. 

Excavation in the parking lot of the Eastern Fine Paper Mill

CEG conducted a Phase II ESA for the Former EFP in 2004 and 2005.  Based on the results of a Phase I ESA completed by Civil Environmental Services, Inc. (CES), CEG prepared a Phase II Investigation Work Plan , which included a site specific HASP, QAPP, and Sampling and Analysis Plan for Phase II ESA activities. CEG's investigation strategy involved dividing the site into 14 areas of concern (AOC).

CEG then conducted two field investigation phases, beginning with an initial investigation using an on-site laboratory.  The data generated enabled each AOC to be environmentally evaluated. This strategy allowed CEG to identify four AOCs that required no further investigation   

and could support both commercial and residential development.  The second field event focused on the remaining 10 AOCs.  This resulted in verifying that five AOCs could support commercial development without remedial actions or residential development with minimal remedial actions.  Our strategy resulted in opening a large section of the site for redevelopment regardless of the results of the pending investigations or remediation work on the other five AOCs.  Contaminants of concern included petroleum products, solvents, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), metals, and VOCs. Field investigation techniques and analytical requirements were selected specific for each AOC based on the unique land use and contaminants of concern.

The results of the Phase II ESA identified large areas of the site that posed no threat to human health or the environment and can support immediate redevelopment. Select portions of the site may require remediation or restricted development.  Currently, redevelopment plans for the property include a "city within a city", with upscale retail shops and restaurants, condominiums and affordable housing, a performing arts area, a movie theater, a museum, space for artists, an open market, and an ice rink. 



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