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BROWNFIELDS  - Maine Street Junkyard

Excavation at junkyard site

Location: Bradley, Maine

Historical/Current Use: Former junkyard, potential future development 

Contaminants of Concern: Diesel Range Organics and Tetrachloroethene (PCE)

Sensitive Receptors/Summary of Impact: No detected impacts to area residential wells.  Detected concentrations of contaminants of concern in local soil and shallow groundwater aquifer.

Campbell Environmental Group investigated soil and groundwater conditions at the former Main Street Junkyard located in Bradley, Maine. The property consists of an inactive junkyard located in a rural setting.  The site is approximately 7 acres in size and mostly forested. Debris identified throughout the site during previous investigations included various sized steel tanks, rusting partially full drums and containers with unknown substances, machine and automobile parts, aircraft fuselages, scrap metal, and several dilapidated mobile home trailers and outbuildings. 

Through 2004, the project team performed two phases of investigation.  The initial investigation phase involved a historical review and assessment of potential hazards and sources of contaminants at the site.  The second phase of work included a more comprehensive assessment, including subsurface soil and groundwater sampling and analysis

The purpose of these investigations was to characterize and evaluate the potential existence of hazardous materials in the soil, determine groundwater quality and flow direction, and determine potential sensitive receptors.

The research and subsurface investigations were performed to determine if the site is a source of contamination to soil and the local aquifers in the vicinity, if there is any threat to human health or the environment, and to identify environmental issues which may affect future development.  CEG supervised the advancement of eight soil borings and the installation of six shallow monitoring wells for the purpose of investigating soil and groundwater for contaminants of concern.

An aircraft fuselage located at the junkyard site in Bradley

The soil borings and wells were installed using direct push methods.  Twenty-six test pits were also installed throughout the site to evaluate soil quality. Groundwater samples were collected from the installed monitoring wells and private water supply wells in the vicinity.  Select soil and groundwater samples were analyzed for one or more of the following: volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, priority pollutant metals, polychlorinated biphenyls, gasoline range organics, and diesel range organics.

The primary contaminants of concern that were detected at the site included gasoline range organics and diesel range organics in soil, and tetrachloroethane and diesel range organics in groundwater.  Semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds, and polychlorinated biphenyls detected in soil do not appear to pose a threat to human health or the environment.  Metals detected in soil and groundwater were either within site background levels or below regulatory standards and were also not considered a threat to human health or the environment.

Recommendations following the investigations included restricting the use of groundwater onsite for drinking water, addressing proper closure of an inactive deep supply well onsite, continued monitoring of groundwater for any concentration trends, and characterizing and properly disposing of any debris encountered during excavation for any future development of the property.

Map of the Bradley junkyard site and surrounding area, prepared by Chris Halstead of the Maine DEP GIS Unit.  This image has been reformatted to meet the space requirements for this page. The full-size map is available here.

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