PHASE I ESA - Asphalt Emulsion Facility

Location: Central Maine

Historical/Current Use: Asphalt emulsion facility

Contaminants of Concern: Hazardous materials, unresolved historical environmental issues

Summary of Impact/Sensitive Receptors: Buried hazardous materials in a remote portion of site were discovered

Campbell Environmental Group conducted a Phase I ESA at an asphalt emulsion facility in central Maine for the purpose of a new property acquisition. The facility stored and handled hazardous materials.  Releases of hazardous materials and remediation were documented in files located at the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

A previous Phase I ESA had also been prepared by a large national environmental consulting firm.  According to the documentation described in the previously prepared Phase I ESA, the historical environmental issues were minimal and did not entail any further action.

CEG's Phase I, however, discovered additional data demonstrating that a significant unresolved historical environmental issue was present.  In addition, CEG performed a more thorough site inspection and discovered partially buried 55-gallons drums in a remote portion of the facility.  This discovery, combined with the historical data resulted in the recommendation of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

While conducting the Phase II ESA, a significant area of buried hazardous material was discovered.  This led to the successful remediation of the impacted area and the final acquisition of the property.  Costs to perform the remediation were borne by the property seller. This allowed our customer the opportunity to purchase a property with minimal environmental liability.

Asphalt emulsion facility

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