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Campbell Environmental Group (CEG) is an environmental consulting company headquartered in Falmouth, Maine. The CEG team is comprised of seasoned project management and field service personnel that have been performing investigations and successful remediation projects on sites in Maine and New Hampshire since 1988.

CEG is fully insured and provides a wide range of environmental consulting services that include: groundwater investigations; site investigations; design, installation, and operation of remediation systems; and regulatory compliance and permiting assistance.

Applicable CEG staff maintain all pertinent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 1910.120 training and certifications.  CEG has a strong commitment to workplace safety and has had no lost workdays or reportable physical injuries.

Qualifications and Accomplishments

  • From June 1999 until 2004, when the ranking system was discontinued, CEG was ranked by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as the top consulting firm for investigating and remediating petroleum sites in Maine.  The ranking was based on performance, experience, and cost.
  • CEG is the only known consulting team to have remediated groundwater at sites in Maine to within Maine's Maximum Exposure Guidelines for drinking water using principally in-situ methods.Since 1999, CEG has assisted in the regulatory closure of over 175 petroleum sites. CEG excels in establishing positive working relationships with responsible parties, third parties, the Maine DEP, and the general public.  CEG has successfully completed a wide variety of projects where working relationships between involved parties were initially strained.  CEG makes it a priority to keep parties informed of pertinent project details, listen to concerns of individuals, repair strained relationships, and attempt to work out mutually beneficial compromises to allow the project goals to be achieved.
  • Campbell Environmental group is an equal opportunity employer.
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Campbell Environmental Group

173 Gray Road

Falmouth, ME 04105

(207) 253-1990 f(207) 253-1988